Family and Inheritance Law

We consult our clients on the legal issues concerning the enforcement of Bulgarian matrimonial law. We provide legal advice on matrimonial property regimes and matrimonial property agreements. Upon demand we draft matrimonial contracts and assist our clients upon signing thereof with mediation and any for compulsory legal requirements as needed.

We offer legal advice on legal matters concerning family relations between parents and children, e.g. personal relations, place of residence, parental rights, representation and guardianship, alimony, child and family support, granting and termination of adoption.

We provide legal aid and represent our clients in dissolution-of-marriage proceedings – in cases of marriage annulment or divorce. We protect the interests of our clients in matrimonial lawsuits. In proceedings of divorce by mutual consent we draft the agreement to be approved by the court. We consult our clients on the issues concerning division of assets effects after a divorce and provide legal assistance and representation in subsequent extrajudicial and court partitions.

Our expertise also covers parental origin lawsuits and child recognition procedures.

We consult our clients on legal issues concerning the enforcement of the Bulgarian Inheritance Act: inheritance by law and by will, acceptance and waiver of inheritance, testamentary dispositions, descendants’ reserved portion, etc.