Real Estate and Construction

We provide legal aid and consultation in connection with acquisition and transfer of real estate properties and real rights. Our expertise in this area covers consultancy, advocacy, litigation and handling of legal formalities related to deals conclusion and property management. Services provided by us on a continuous basis include title due diligence, drafting of rental agreements, preliminary contracts, notary deeds and other transaction documentation.

We represent our clients in front of the relevant administrative authorities, notaries and court in property disputes, division of property, obtaining of notary deeds and checks of circumstances in connection with the latter, etc..

We provide legal consultation and documentary assistance on pre-construction and construction matters, including drafting and revision of contracts for assignment of construction works, planning, property management and any other construction-related contracts and documents. We also assist our clients in the administrative procedures related to rezoning/repurposing of land, as well as in the process of issuing of construction permits and other administrative deeds related to construction.